BoMs changing to Sew Alongs

Hello Friends!
I am here today to announce a change in how I share ongoing projects.

Many of you have seen the scamming sites that lift artwork and pictures from pattern designers. Then use them to sell a fake quilt. This has caused me such headaches. The only way I can personally combat this theft and misuse is to not put artwork out there to be lifted!

 Instead of sharing free BoMs with images of the blocks each month on my website, I will now be hosting Sew-Alongs.

What is a sew-along? Well, it is a lot like the BoMs I have offered for years. Except that you do not need to remember to visit my website and download blocks. Instead, you are joining an email newsletter that will automatically send you the download link each time a block is released.
The BIG change? A one-time fee that guarantees email delivery right to your inbox. By the end of the sew-along, you will have the complete pattern set! If you are joining late, any blocks already released will be waiting for you. You will not miss a thing! Although you do want to register early, for with the release of each new block the one-time registration fee will increase slightly, (never to exceed the cost of the complete pattern).

Show and Tell, and personal announcements of block releases will be offered in my FatCat Friends group over on Facebook.

Alright, so why charge a registration fee?
Basically, because newsletter type emails cost money to send out :(
And there is the fact that when we have to pay for something, we value it a little bit more.
We tend to care more. I am desperately hoping this will translate into folks paying attention to copyright.

This has been a hard decision for me to make. I have been sharing free patterns and BoMs for over 20 years now. I am trying really hard not to feel like I am letting you guys down!