Sunday, January 31, 2016


So what happened and where did I disappear to in 2015?
It was a tremendously hectic year here. Jon went in for a hernia repair on Jan 7th 2015, was suppose to be a day surgery. He finally came home 2 months later. It was May before all his various tubes, hoses and accessories were gone. In May I began building a paver stone patio to help work out my worries and frustrations. June brought the announcement that I was going to gain a new daughter in law in October. In July I began to have trouble with my gallbladder. August saw me in the hospital getting that removed. September I had recovered enough (in my mind) to expand the patio to accommodate the number of wedding guests expected. My Sister helped me acquire a new puppy. The October wedding was beautiful! We lost my Father the end of October. Add in a couple of road trips back and forth to Springfield Mo. Then the holidays hit me right in the face :) Despite that Jamie and I switched rooms and I set my sewing room up for a second time. In December for some reason I cannot remember now, I decided to make all immediate family members new Christmas stockings.

So here I am in 2016.
Gave away the Bad Cat that kept biting and attacking me. Sadly two weeks later we had to put Teddy (age 16) to sleep. For the first time in decades we are a one cat household. And I am STILL trying to housebreak the puppy. Keep your fingers crossed that this is a quieter year!


Susie Hoover said...

There is NO WAY 2016 can be anything like 2015 was for you. Glad you survived!!!

October 2015 I gained a daughter-in-law. Glorious time for a wedding, I'm sure you'll agree.

Timing for the puppy wasn't good. We added a puppy to our house December 5. Totally not good timing with the holidays right around the corner and company for the holidays. UGH! However, I'm seeing a light at the proverbial tunnel FINALLY on the housetraining!

Have a great day! See you back on the blog soon, I hope!

Calicojoan said...

Sending best wishes that 2016 will be a much kinder year!!!

Alwayskeptintap said...

Holy Mackerell! What a heck of a year for y'all.
Sorry for your losses and happy for your joys!
Isn't it nice that there is balance in our lives even while we may not see it while in the thick of the experiences. Here is too a calmer 2016 for you, Sindy!

Sue said...

I so glad you have removed. Everyone needs to take a break once in a while specially with all that you have been going through. I want to thank you for all of your beautiful designs. I am now working on your chickens and hope to have a great time learning how to appliqué. I am 72and also have went through to shoulder surgery so I wasn't able to sew at that time. You are a terrific for artist come back to you and he will get back into everything you have been doing just takes time. My prayers are with you and God bless you for doing the things for the quilters out there.

Barbara said...

Welcome back!! 2015 was a tough year for many folks and I was glad to see 2016 arrive. Looking forward to seeing more of your fun designs.

Chris | Glen Hopes said...

Hi there from Australia. I came across the Pond quilt pattern I bought a long time ago (8 years) dreaming of retirement. I am now retired, setting up my sewing room. Yep, we moved, built a new home and I got a sewing room. Whoo hoo. Love your designs and inspiration. Thought i would check on how you were doing. Life gets busy and stuff happens, Good to see that you are still moving forward in life. We have our kids cats, Maui a cream ginger who is 17 and Mousey a grey tabby 13 years. She is the sewing cat always with me sewing. I am new to quilting but am experienced in sewing, so it is a new challenge for me. It might take me a couple more years to make the pond quilt, but it will have to do justice to the wonderful design. My biggest challenge is getting the colours right. I will be sure to send you a photo of the first block. Thanks for sharing your passion and inspiration.