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Friday, December 12, 2014

The New Sewing Room

Last month Stevie moved out on his own. That meant, finally, after many years I was able to move my sewing area out of the laundry room! No more laundry and no more cat box at my side! Celebration time for sure. It took a full week to prep room. The walls were a deep navy blue that soaked up 3 coats of paint. The nasty old parquet flooring also got a coat of paint. Hung new blinds, then began to move in the fun stuff!
Johnny came over and helped me assemble my new computer desk.
 The room is 10 x 10 and has East and South facing windows. My plants are loving it in here. The East side is my printing and computing wall. Panda's crate is tucked in the corner. And Wally's basket is under the desk. Needless to say the windows attract the cats, so I also have cat beds scattered about the place. Old Man Teddy usually sleeps on the shelf above the crate.
My sewing machine sits smack dab in front to the two large south windows. There are Texas Lilac bushes right outside that the birds just love. Right now they are full of finches! It is easy to scoot my chair from computer to sewing machine. Don't look at it too closely please, the cats have not been kind to it.
 The west wall is taken up with my tool box and a small dresser I have repurposed into a cutting table.
It isn't perfect yet. I need a closet door to protect my stash. Currently a shower curtain is keeping the sun away. The window unit needs to go to the storage closet. And I have another machine with small cabinet to squeeze in here. All in all I am very very happy with it. It is so nice to have things where I can fins them! Not to mention all the light.


Lady Jane said...

I love your new room Sindy! When the windows are open you will hear the birdies sing. Is that a tool box I see, handy dandy, what a great idea. You will have many happy moments working and sharing in this room.

Carol said...

The new sewing space is lovely. I love sewing in front of a window. What do you use the tool chest for...sewing stuff?

Robin said...

Sindy: I am so happy for you. You have waited a long time for this and truly deserve every bit. I can see you will be really happy in here. Congrats!

Calicojoan said...

Such a great feeling and what a wonderful place. Now if someone decides to move home, the only place to go is that laundry room! LOL!!

LynCC said...

Hey, neat! (That's a shower curtain? - I thought it was a quilt! Prettier than closet doors, anyway.) I chuckled about the office chair - Scott's cat, Boo, was not kind to his, either.

pollyanna said...

What a delightful and lighted studio. Envious and impressed :) The layout is great and the light...such great light!

Nancy in IN said...

Just read your email. Just another way to hurt small businesses. When will our governments learn.

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Sally said...

It looks great! A wonderful room for you to create beauty and charm.

LadyBugBetty said...

Sindy, I love your new room also. I have my own room but it's very small.....I have it arranged like a ships galley kitchen...there is an embrodery machine and corner computer unit with shelves all around the room.

You just walk in the center and do what you need to do! lol It's compact but works for me except when I need to lay out something....then I move to dining room table or floor! lol

I would sew in a bathroom if there was no other place to sew! lol


lynn bourgeois said...

Love your room. It will be cheery, but peaceful. Love that combination. I think with the amount happening in your life, a break is a necessity. Losing pets is tough. I get way too attached to the furry members of our family. We have a little Jack Russell, a rescue dog, who has just crammed herself into our hearts. that happening after I declared no more dogs. I can only stand my heart fracturing so many times.
Enjoy your new spot. I wish you calm sailing for the year. Hugs