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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Move!

I have decided I am not very good at this Blogging stuff, lol.
There have been a lot of changes since my last post. Jon accepted a relocation to Colorado and we made the move in May. It will not be a permanent move, as Texas is home. We decided not to sell the house in Texas, instead our oldest and his wife moved into it. Jon and I downsized and have chosen to live in an apartment. I have to admit, it is nice not having to do yard work, and to be able to call maintenance when there is a problem. We moved with only the necessities. I gave a lot of my fabric stash to Jamie. And left many of my crafting supplies for the girls to do with as they wish. Three of my sewing machines made the move. Even though the movers managed to drop one of the 401's out of its cabinet (!!!) all of them arrived safely.

My new sewing area is our bedroom :) Jon has been very supportive of this. So instead of dressers, one wall is taken up with my work bench and work station. Another wall is taken up with my full sized sewing table. Totes of fabric are hidden behind the bedroom door. One tote has been emptied, as I cut it ALL up into 2 1/2 inch strips for a jelly roll race quilt for the bed.
  You might have noticed a slight design flaw in our apartment floor plan. There is a direct line of sight from the bathroom to the bedroom window! As you can guess that was a very rude discovery :)
The dining area has been turned into my office space and is housing the second 401 in its cabinet, along with my computer desk. Have I mentioned how very supportive Jon has been, lol! In a perfect world we would have chosen a two bedroom apartment. Unfortunately there is quite a housing shortage here in the Denver area. Prices are outrageous! All in all, we are very happy with the new digs. We are adapting well to seeing each other every day instead of just on weekends. I do miss the kids horribly. But I am very blessed in that they ALL call, text and video chat with me A LOT!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Boundless Solids Crayon Box - Review

Hello Friends!
 A couple of weeks ago I was approached by the good folks at Craftsy to review one of their new fabric lines. Of course you know I said YES! Who doesn’t want to play with fabric? The bundle that arrived was Boundless Solids Crayon Box 6” Strips. It was packaged quite prettily, lol, but didn’t stay that way long. I needed to see how it felt and draped. Have to say I was very impressed. The thread count is quite nice. Closely woven and it passed the “Cookie Test”. What? You don’t have a cookie test? That is where you hold the fabric in front of your face and look through it towards the cookie jar. If you can spy which kid is snitching cookies and how many they have in their hand, you toss the fabric out! This test also allows you to smell the fabric as you are so up close and personal with it. I was amazed that these strips had NO smell! So many times I have to pre wash fabrics before I can stand working with them.  They were cut with a pinking blade so there were no threads hanging or ravels to worry about. The drape was soft and inviting! No starch or sizing type feel. I was very pleasantly surprised. Enough sniffing, peeking and petting. It was time to start sewing! Of course the pattern chosen was applique. A scaled down version of Tattered Garden to become placemats for the little table. The bright colors were perfect for this. I traced my templates onto fusible then ironed it to the strips and began cutting out flowers. 

Anxious to see if there would be fraying once the cutting began. None! My cut edges held together wonderfully! After a day or so I had a table full of beautiful primary colored flowers. My new concern was would the fusible adhere to the fabric and would it stay in place while stitching? Anyone who has machine appliqued knows the frustration of fabrics that have been treated and will not hold to the fusible. I shouldn’t have worried. The Boundless flowers behaved just as intended. It took a couple of weeks to finish up the placemats. Coasters are still in the works. 
You can purchase this fabric bundle from Craftsy here - The pattern I used, Tattered Garden, can be found in my Craftsy Store
It is a free pattern.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


So what happened and where did I disappear to in 2015?
It was a tremendously hectic year here. Jon went in for a hernia repair on Jan 7th 2015, was suppose to be a day surgery. He finally came home 2 months later. It was May before all his various tubes, hoses and accessories were gone. In May I began building a paver stone patio to help work out my worries and frustrations. June brought the announcement that I was going to gain a new daughter in law in October. In July I began to have trouble with my gallbladder. August saw me in the hospital getting that removed. September I had recovered enough (in my mind) to expand the patio to accommodate the number of wedding guests expected. My Sister helped me acquire a new puppy. The October wedding was beautiful! We lost my Father the end of October. Add in a couple of road trips back and forth to Springfield Mo. Then the holidays hit me right in the face :) Despite that Jamie and I switched rooms and I set my sewing room up for a second time. In December for some reason I cannot remember now, I decided to make all immediate family members new Christmas stockings.

So here I am in 2016.
Gave away the Bad Cat that kept biting and attacking me. Sadly two weeks later we had to put Teddy (age 16) to sleep. For the first time in decades we are a one cat household. And I am STILL trying to housebreak the puppy. Keep your fingers crossed that this is a quieter year!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The New Sewing Room

Last month Stevie moved out on his own. That meant, finally, after many years I was able to move my sewing area out of the laundry room! No more laundry and no more cat box at my side! Celebration time for sure. It took a full week to prep room. The walls were a deep navy blue that soaked up 3 coats of paint. The nasty old parquet flooring also got a coat of paint. Hung new blinds, then began to move in the fun stuff!
Johnny came over and helped me assemble my new computer desk.
 The room is 10 x 10 and has East and South facing windows. My plants are loving it in here. The East side is my printing and computing wall. Panda's crate is tucked in the corner. And Wally's basket is under the desk. Needless to say the windows attract the cats, so I also have cat beds scattered about the place. Old Man Teddy usually sleeps on the shelf above the crate.
My sewing machine sits smack dab in front to the two large south windows. There are Texas Lilac bushes right outside that the birds just love. Right now they are full of finches! It is easy to scoot my chair from computer to sewing machine. Don't look at it too closely please, the cats have not been kind to it.
 The west wall is taken up with my tool box and a small dresser I have repurposed into a cutting table.
It isn't perfect yet. I need a closet door to protect my stash. Currently a shower curtain is keeping the sun away. The window unit needs to go to the storage closet. And I have another machine with small cabinet to squeeze in here. All in all I am very very happy with it. It is so nice to have things where I can fins them! Not to mention all the light.